Welcome Trilogy at Vistancia Members
Let’s start planning your outdoor living environment!

 Congratulations on your decision to purchase your new home at Trilogy at Vistancia. Shea Homes® has built its sterling reputation on quality construction and distinctive design, and here at The Landscape Broker, Trilogy’s preferred landscape service provider in Arizona, we’re on hand to make sure your outdoor environment has the character and quality to match. 

 We want to help you create landscaping for your home that is the best possible combination of amenities, upkeep and affordability. To do that, we have a couple of options. 

Pre-approved Design Packages 
In cooperation with your Trilogy community, we have developed HOA-approved landscape packages that are tailored to your specific floor plan.  They are designed with time- and climate-tested materials that allow us to efficiently construct your outdoor environment and pass the savings on to you.  You can simply choose a design from a number of carefully thought out packages that are ready for our team to install in coordination with the other aspects of your home construction.  That way you can begin enjoying the beautiful Arizona outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard from day one.

Custom Design
Choose to enlist our custom design services and create a new and unique environment all your own. Custom designs can take 30-60 days, depending on the level of complexity, and will require independent HOA approval. At the completion of the custom design process you will own the plans and can elect to have The Landscape Broker execute the installation or select a contractor of your own. There is a fee of $975 due upon signing our Custom Landscape Design Agreement.  If you choose to use us for your landscape construction, we will credit 100% of your design fee. 

If you decide you want us to design a custom plan, your meeting with us will be scheduled by Shea Homes in conjunction with your Shea design meetings.

 Important: Your landscape design must be approved and your contract with us signed prior to your home’s frame inspection in order for your landscaping to be installed prior to close of escrow. The Landscape Broker is the only contractor authorized to install landscaping at Vistancia prior to escrow. Installation by other landscaping companies will have to take place after close of escrow.